Montag, 25. Februar 2013

Kosmos Gurkenglas und das Sanfkorn (Vertonung)

Vertonung des Gedichts "Das Sanfkorn"

Hier ein Link zum Gedicht auf diesem Weblog:
Das Sanfkorn

one might regard it as a grain of mustard seed, the little sanfkorn, but there is more to the word than meets the ear, and more to the poem than meets the eye ... one might assume the poet got stuck in a literal error ... and that senfkorn (grain of mustard seed) would have been appropriate ...

But the sanfkorn, once you have heard the "t"-like cl°ck when it crushes between your teeth, reveals the sanf-t-korn ... sanft = gentle ... a grain of gentle seed. Hope you'll enjoy listening to the grain of gentle-seed drifting through it's cucumber-cosmos which vice versa is drifting through the universe we all share ... :)

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